Project Services
A good idea can travel around the world in seconds. Yet real time can also be real problem- unless you have talented and experienced people making sure that everything is planned and delivers what it promises. Our Project handling teams are well versed with all aspects of the project management and custom clearance.
  • Experienced staff dedicated to each customer during every phase of the process. Complete documentation services such as project registration, EPCG formalities, project reconciliation etc.
  • Experience field staff to plan the transportation of any type of ODC packages and heavy machinery.
  • Coordination of inland transportation and scheduling.
  • Worldwide networks to provide vessel/flight charter services and exclusive team to monitor the charter and freight forwarding services to ensure timely delivery.
    Import-Export and Custom Brokerage
    Inland Transportation
    Break-Bulk and Ship Chartering
    3PL & Supply Chain Management
    Consultancy Services on Custom and Excise matters
    Support Service dedicated to Oil and Gas Sector
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