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Donaldson India Filter Systems Private Limited

Group A logistics is aware of the needs of the shippers and adaptable enough to meet the demands as they appear. They prioritise providing excellent customer service, ensuring cost- and time-effectiveness, removing any barriers to prompt deliveries, and minimising downtime. I am genuinely delighted to be connected to them. I must say that your communication has been excellent throughout this process. You took the initiative to update us frequently. Throughout the procedure, you were incredibly welcoming and helpful. Your cooperation is greatly valued; excellent work, and thank you!

Donaldson India Filter Systems Private Limited

As supply chain managers, we constantly look for customised programs to satisfy our clients' needs. Our local, national, and international transportation needs are met through a logistics plan created by Group A Logistics. When we pick up the phone, the Group A Logistics team is ready to handle our intricate requests. The Group A Logistics team places a high value on customer service. We believe we have a logistical partner, not just a regular transportation provider.

Teknion Furniture System India Pvt Ltd.

Group A Logistics is the only shipping company I use. All of my customers have learned to rely on GAL for the top-notch shipment and handling of their goods. If necessary, their expediting team enables us to send out projects at the last minute and notifies us when they have been delivered. The desire of Group A Logistics Services to comprehend their clients' businesses sets them apart from the competition and enables them to respond more quickly to the constantly shifting business environment. They are constantly able to modify their procedures to satisfy the needs of my business, which is extremely valuable.

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (KALOL)

Freight forwarding encompasses continents and countries. And one business that has worldwide skills is GAL. They are present in various hubs of international trade and are knowledgeable about the rules and laws of every nation, particularly those through which the cargo is forwarded. They are extremely capable of handling risks, prices, and transportation, among other things, and are aware of international standards. You are top-notch! We appreciate your efforts and assistance. Without the GAL team, operations on the [COMPANY NAME] side of the warehouse would not be as seamless. I sincerely appreciate it.

Toshiba Johnson Elevators (India) Private Limited

A reputable freight forwarder uses cutting-edge technology in its freight forwarding software. As a shipper, you should have access to a fully secure system so you can access all the information about the movement of items in your supply chain. Real-time processing and accurate data are both required. GAL has effectively and thoroughly managed our company's international freight forwarding activities, including customs clearance processes. By utilising our core skills as a trading-house-based logistics company to the fullest extent, they have assisted in creating an optimised worldwide supply chain.

Bermad India Private Limited

We are extremely grateful to have come across Group A Logistics. While we don't frequently need shipping and logistics services, our experiences with the first three of them have led us to believe that we may assume poor customer service in this sector. I'm very glad we came onto GAL. Every single person we've dealt with has been prepared, approachable, creative, patient, and completely customer-focused. We feel like a priority with GAL, which is not the case with other companies in this sector.

Chemtrade India Private Limited

We appreciate your ongoing support throughout the year. It has been a difficult year and will continue to be difficult. We value your team very much. Currently, the supply chain industry lacks a rare gem like their quick and courteous service. Please pass along our thanks and best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


I consider myself to be Group A Logistics' most crucial client.
GAL and its staff have consistently and expertly met my shipping needs for ten years. GAL  yet feels like my own internal shipping department, despite its continued growth. You bet we can accomplish that! is invariably the response to my particular, ever-changing requests. A truly excellent company!

Haworth India Private Limited

Group A Logistics has repeatedly demonstrated its capacity to address our company's logistical requirements as well as our individual shipping and packaging demands and concerns in an efficient and timely manner. They treat the goods and shipment as if they were their own, and our relationship is crucial in the face of consistently high customer demands.

Brinks India Private Limited

The level of support offered by Group A Logistics professionals has impressed me. We chose to outsource our warehouse and fulfilment services because we are a growing business. Following careful consideration of numerous proposals, we chose to work with Group A Logistics. Our expectations are exceeded by the service. In addition to managing our daily shipping needs, they have played a key role in developing unique components that support the growth of our business. They are aware of our goals and frequently offer suggestions for enhancing our offerings and company growth chances. This group excels! I strongly recommend that you use Group A Logistics.

Pronk Multiservice India Pvt